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We encourage you to explore a comprehensive listing of our governance structures, diocesan staff, and other practical information on our website here. The line-item and narrative budgets of the Diocese of Virginia are published in the convention information section.

Parish Pledge Income: As of 2023, Virginia will instate a covenantal giving plan for parishes passed by this year's Diocesan Convention; 75% of the budget is comprised of parish giving.

Fund Income: 18% of the budget has come from diocesan-owned invested funds held by the Trustees of the Funds. In the past some principal has been drawn down; the 2022 budget only factors in the standard 4.5% standard payout.

Rents & External Trusts: 5% of the budget comes from rents collected on residential and church properties and trusts held by external parties who direct the income from those trusts to the Diocese.

Medical Trust Reimbursement: 2% The Diocese collects a 2% reimbursement which defrays the cost of central management of the medical and dental plans. The diocesan dental plan is self-insured.

Mission & Program: 44% of the diocesan budget goes toward the mission and program carried out by staff and volunteers. Evangelism and formation, racial justice and healing work, direct support of mission congregations, and the ministry discernment process are all supported in this 44%.

Church Citizenship: Covering our contributions to the wider Episcopal Church, Province III of the Episcopal Church, and local ecumenical and interfaith work, this area comprised 17% of Virginia’s budget from 2017 to 2021. In 2022 the budget will expand this category to include all diocesan scholarship and grant programs.

Episcopacy: 14%. Salaries for bishops and support staff are the greatest part of this category. Also included are travel and reserves for future Lambeth conferences and episcopal transitions.

Operations: Included in this 7% are the expenses of operating and maintaining Mayo House as well as professional fees, auto maintenance, and insurance.