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Ordination and Consecration


God Willing and the People Consenting
The Reverend Canon E. Mark Stevenson
Will be ordained and consecrated as a Bishop
In the one holy catholic and apostolic Church,
And XIV Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Chief Consecrator
The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church

Saturday the third day of December
Two thousand twenty-two
Eleven o’clock in the morning

The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church
4247 Creighton Road
Henrico, Virginia


FAQs about the Ordination and Consecration Service

Will attendance at the service be open to all?

At this point, the Transition Committee has not determined whether tickets will be required. This information should be available around Labor Day. COVID restrictions, if any, will need to be assessed in determining attendance.

Will the event be livestreamed?

Yes. Details about where to tune in will be provided closer to the date.

Who will preside at the Ordination and Consecration Service?

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop, will be the chief consecrator. Other co-consecrator bishops will be chosen after the Electing Convention. All Bishops in the Episcopal Church will be invited to attend.

Where will the consecration take place?

It will be held at The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church on Saturday, December 3 at 11:00 a.m. The church is located at 4247 Creighton Road, Henrico, VA 23223.

Why is the ordination and consecration service not being held at Washington National Cathedral?

Although some previous ordination and consecration services for the Virginia Bishop Diocesan have been held at Washington National Cathedral, it was requested, and the Transition Committee believed, that this service should be held within the Diocese, and the Standing Committee accepted its recommendation.

Why is the ordination and consecration service not being held at an Episcopal Church?

The Transition Committee believes that more than 1,500 people will wish to attend this service. There is no Episcopal Church within our Diocese that can accommodate a congregation of that size, particularly if there are restrictions about social distancing in place at the time of the service.

Why was The St. Paul’s Baptist Church selected as the venue for this service?

Although the Transition Committee considered other large venues such as convention centers and performing arts centers, ultimately the Committee believed that the service should be held in a sacred space. The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church not only has a sanctuary large enough to accommodate the expected attendance, it also has space for the ancillary events associated with this service, such as a meeting of the bishops, a clergy vesting room, choir room, sacristy, and a fellowship hall for the reception. There is also ample parking on the site.

Is the selection of The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church unusual?

No, it is not unprecedented. Other dioceses have also ordained and consecrated their bishops in venues other than Episcopal churches.